1. Where are you located?
Our street address is 11736 Big Tree Road (Route 20A), East Aurora, NY 14052. We are physically located in the Town of Wales – 5 miles east of East Aurora.

2. Do you have any lodging nearby?
We have a rental house on the property for you and/or your guests to rent. We call it the “Cottage”. There is a minimum of 2 nights stay and it sleeps 8-10 guests. If you would like to see what it looks like go to www.vrbo.com listing: 773436. It is very charming and fully equipped for your stay – except for food and personal items. That coincides really well with Friday/Saturday at the HayLoft. There are other places for your guests and family members to stay nearby.

3. What type of events can be held at the HayLoft?
The HayLoft is a destination venue that can support many events from ceremonies, wedding receptions, anniversary parties, showers (bridal, baby), fund raisers, art and craft shows, fashion shows, book clubs, garden clubs, photo shoots, small corporate events, wine tastings and so much more.

4. What does the HayLoft interior look like?
You and your guests will love it! The HayLoft was a real working hay barn originally built in the mid 1800’s. We have restored it and kept it rustic; that is what makes it a truly unique venue. Make sure to take a tour of our on-line photo gallery. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We are constantly uploading new photos for you to enjoy.

5. Do you have your own sound system? What does my DJ have to bring?
We have a new sound system with speakers in the Loft (top level) for cocktail hour and dancing. The sound system in the Cellar (lower level) is used for dinner music and speeches. Your DJ will need to provide a microphone, mixing board and music. If they have never been to the HayLoft since we installed the sound system, we suggest they come out for a tour to ensure they bring the correct equipment. For outdoor ceremonies, we provide a speaker, microphone w/stand and table for the DJ’s use. You would be responsible to provide the music.

6. What event activities do you offer?
Our favorite activity is the hay wagon ride. This ride takes you and your guests around the many acres of the property. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. There is a horse shoe pit that is lots of fun, but you can certainly bring your own yard games too. The more games to enjoy…the more fun for your guests.

7. Do you have a preferred caterer list?
We have a caterer list that we recommend. Every year we add new ones. You can also use your own caterer. A Catering Agreement will need to be signed. If you use your own caterer, we’ll meet with them here at the HayLoft for a walk-thru before your event to make sure things run smooth.

8. What does my caterer need to provide?
There are no cooking areas inside the barn, but warming stations are approved. Your caterer will need to provide everything required for your event. There are plenty of electric outlets throughout the barn. Your caterer will NOT have access to potable (drinking) water and will need to provide their own. We do have a sink/garden hose outside to rinse dishes. Your caterer will be responsible to clean up all guest’s plates, glasses, silverware, any/all dishes, and to take all of their garbage with them.

All items that have fallen or spilled on the floor need to be cleaned up immediately by the catering staff. All floors where their food/beverages have been must be broom cleaned before they leave. All caterers are required to empty all garbage cans and reinstall garbage can liners in all containers throughout the event. They will need to check in with the HayLoft team before they leave to make sure they have cleaned up and taken all items with them.

HayLoft has brooms, buckets and cleaning supplies that are available upon request. Please check with us if you are using your own cleaning supplies.

9. Can there be alcohol at my event?
Yes, there can be adult beverages at your event. Please contact us for details regarding liquor rules from NYS Liquor Authority.

10. Do you have a bar that caterer’s can use?
Our new bar in the Loft is large enough for 4 bartenders. In the Cellar (lower level) dining space we have converted a real bull pen into a bar serving area. We also have a portable rustic bar for the outside patio. See photos on Instagram or Facebook – they are really fun.

11. How many people can you seat for dinner in the HayLoft?
The Cellar/Pavilion is on the lower level and is used for dinner. We seat up to 200 guests. It is wheel chair accessible.

12. Do you provide tables and chairs?
Yes. The HayLoft has 60” wooden round tables and 96” rectangle tables. Our chairs are real wood with padded seats. They are comfortable and look great.

13. Do you have items that we can rent?
Absolutely! All sorts of things from vintage china, table linens, rustic serving trays, beverage dispensers and so much more. Come visit our inspiration and rental boutique. You’ll love it!

14. Do you have heat or air conditioning in the barn?
We have both. On those hot/humid days we have air conditioning in the Cellar for dining. For those nice days we keep the large barn doors open for a cool cross breeze. We also have a HUGE 18’ ceiling fan along with (4) wall mounted oscillating fans and exhaust fans to push the warm air out of the barn.
We have propane heaters on both levels to keep you warm and cozy on a cool fall day.

15. Who cleans the barn during & after the event and why do you require a security/cleaning deposit?
The security/cleaning deposit is to ensure the premises are kept clean and in good order during your event. Your cleaning package (included in your rental package) only includes basic cleaning after your caterer leaves the premises. Your caterer is expected to clean all tables and floors thoroughly and remove all food and garbage debris. We will inspect the premises before they leave. If they are not cleaned to our standards and/or there are stains left that require extra cleaning measures, your security/cleaning deposit will be used to cover the cost of cleaning those areas. If there are any damages to the barn and its premises, the security deposit will be used for repairs.

16. Do you have restrooms?
Yes. We have upscale executive restroom trailers that are situated just outside the barn. They have running water, electricity, porcelain flushing toilets, air conditioning/heat, and stainless steel sinks with solid surface countertops. Our guests love them – and yes, they are VERY clean. We recently added a wheel chair accessible restroom that can be made available for your event with ample notice. As an added touch, we suggest toiletry baskets in the restrooms for your guests. For photos and more details go to www.rent-a-restroom.com.

17. Will someone be on site to clean and maintain the restrooms?
A restroom attendant will be on site during your entire event. During that time they will ensure that the restrooms are clean, paper products are full and trash receptacles emptied.

18. How long can we use the barn for?
If the barn is rented for the day, the facility is yours to enjoy from 9am until 11pm. Pursuant to the Town of Wales ordinance, music must conclude by 10:00pm and everyone must leave the premises by 11pm. All your decorations need to be taken down and food cleaned up and taken off the premises at the end of the event.

19. Can we rent the barn on an hourly basis for family photos or parties?
Sure. There is a 1-hour minimum for photos and a 4-hour minimum for parties. Supervision of your family and friends will be your responsibility and liability. Call us for an hourly rate.

20. Can we come in the day before our event to decorate?
Saturday wedding rental includes Friday as a complimentary day. If your event is on a Sunday you can get here as early as 8am to decorate.

21. Do you offer planning or coordination services?
We sure do. Come take a seat in our inspiration boutique and share with us your ideas. We can help you bring them to life. There are many vendors to choose from we can help you with. Our “day of” or “full service” coordination will help your day run smooth so you may sit back and enjoy your fun filled day.

22. Can we get ready at the HayLoft before our wedding?
Most definitely! We have a beautiful bridal suite and large groom’s lounge that opens at 9am and closes at 6pm. We have air conditioning and a beautiful outdoor patio for your use.

23. Are there outdoor areas to hold a wedding ceremony? And photo sessions?
We have many stunning areas that we can show you. Call and schedule a tour with us and you may find another area that we haven’t thought of. We also have a sunken pond that is truly gorgeous. (PS: no worries – we have a back-up plan if it rains!)

24. Do you include chairs for the ceremony?
For outdoor ceremonies we have very comfortable white chairs.

25. Can I have my pet escort me down the aisle for my ceremony?
Yes! Pets are family too. There will be a required pet deposit. This is refundable provided there is no damage done to the property due to your pet. You are responsible for pet clean up as well as taking the pet home to rest after the wedding ceremony.

26. What is the cost to rent the venue?
For a listing of our packages and what they include, please contact us for further details. We will send you a “hello” packet with information about pricing and what is available.

27. What information do you need from me in order to give me a quote?
Type of event you are planning, how many people, dates and times. That is enough to get us started.

28. Do we need to sign a contract?
Yes. A Barn Rental Agreement (contract). We will send that to you as soon as we receive your initial deposit.

29. If I bring my own Caterer do they need to sign a contract with the HayLoft?
Yes. We will contact your caterer for their insurance and to sign a Catering Agreement. If we have not received both of these documents before the day of the wedding we cannot let them on the premises. We will let you know if they are not providing their information to us in a timely manner. At that point we will require your help.

30. Do I have to provide any insurance coverage for the event?
Yes. You will need to provide special event insurance for the entire period you and your guests will be on HayLoft premises. Proof of insurance will be required 30 calendar days before your event. Ask the HayLoft for the special event insurance websites. They are easy to use.

31. What other deposits are required?
We require a cleaning/security deposit. See question 13 for details.

32. What is your reservation and cancellation policy?
A Rental Fee Deposit of $500 is due at the time of booking your event. Upon your verbal or written request, HayLoft will “hold the date” for ten (10) calendar days. The HayLoft will send the Barn Agreement for you to sign/date and provide a non-refundable 50% rental facility deposit within ten (10) calendar days from your receipt of the Barn Agreement.

If HayLoft has not received the 50% rental facility deposit and the signed Barn Agreement within ten (10) calendar days, the hold will be released and the $500 Rental Fee Deposit will be non-refundable.

The balance is due and payable in full at least three (3) months prior to the Event. Prices are subject to change until the signed Barn Agreement is accepted by HayLoft. Cancelations are non-refundable.

33. What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept only Cash or Check. Full payment must be made three (3) months prior to your event. Any late payments of deposit or final payments will incur a $25 per day late fee per day which must be paid in full via cash prior to the event.

34. Are there any special instructions/requirements?
Yes – thanks for asking:
• No cigarettes, cigars, e-cigs, or chewing tobacco near or in the HayLoft. There are designated smoking areas outside which we monitor regularly.
• No open flame candles. However, battery operated candles work out great.
• No fireworks or sparklers.
• Decorations: No duct tape, staple guns, large nail holes, etc. No glitter, confetti or rice – that is way too hard to clean up!
• Please get prior approval from us on how you plan on attaching your decorations and we can help you with ideas.
• Most of all……be creative and have lots of fun!

If you have a question not covered, send us an email and we’ll reply ASAP.    Thank you for considering HayLoft In The Grove for your special event. Call us today for more information at (716) 714-5784.