HayLoft's Rich History

Returning to it's glory

A little background

HayLoft In The Grove is a historical barn built in the mid 1800's. It spent many years as part of a working dairy farm. The ground floor served as the livestock quarter and the original bullpen is still part of the structure. Although some additions, including the milk house and silos, no longer stand, the HayLoft itself still contains an operating "original" hay hook for the loading and unloading of loose hay. The original foundation still exists - built of stones and boulders gathered from this property. The frame of the building is held together by handmade wooden pegs and mortise and tenon joints.


Purchased the property

We purchased the property in 2007 along with 100 acres of the original farm. The barn was truly showing its age. The roof was in a sad state with holes the size of a small tractor. The entire structure was starting to collapse under the weight of more than a century and a half of existence. Instead of tearing the barn down, we saw it was a true treasure.


The hard work begins

In December of 2008, the barn started to be returned close to its former glory, Amish craftsmen started work on the barn, stripping the entire roof during a snow storm. The weather did not stop them over the next few months as they wielded the tools and skill required to restore and reconstruct the HayLoft. The hemlock wooden siding was harvested in the spring of 2009 specifically for this project. All windows have kept their original location and style, all being handmade by an Amish window restoration expert. Now the HayLoft is back with a clean, rustic, elegant appeal for you and your friends to enjoy.


Back in one piece